Social Media Human Rights Online Reputation Monitoring India

Social media human rights online reputation monitoring India

Social media, blogs and video sharing sites have become an essential part of an organizations activity and have become a crucial factor to human rights defenders all over the world.

Social media human rights reputation monitoring is done to provide objective and information about the human rights practices to offer a basis for protection of human rights and advocacy.

Social media platforms come with advantages and disadvantages and raises lots of challenges. The most significant challenge is to ensure that internet regulations do not block specific content from reaching the final user and strangle freedom of expression.

Organization comes under scrutiny given the ease with which contents are easily circulated through social media platforms, blog, and forums. They have to make sure that any action by them in the online world does not violate human rights and provide immediate remedies for those who feel that their human rights are violated.

Our human rights activists have identified the endless potential of promoting human rights using Social Media as means to support their activity.

Lack of information and proper education about the risks involved in the wrong use of social media are creating dangerous trends related to visibility, privacy, children’s rights and violence all over the world. With the simple use of a computer and internet people can get themselves informed and engage with other users to raise awareness or trigger political or social movements easily and on a wider scale.

Social media human rights reputation monitoring needs a systematic method to identify and analyze information of human rights violations by using techniques like interviews, online monitoring, observation, audio visual recording and surveys. This is to ensure that organizations human rights reputation and policies are on par with international human rights laws.

Social media human rights reputation monitoring can empower individuals and organizations to act on a global scale to organize campaigns and point out and expose injustices and to provide promote human rights.

Organizations in India should include in its activities a deep understanding of the relation between human rights promotion and social media to empower the younger generation, activists, political parties and human right defenders to correctly and effectively use social media tools.

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