Effective Facebook Advertising India

Effective Facebook Advertising India

Implementing effective Facebook advertising as part of your online marketing strategy is a difficult task which most of the businesses face. In order to achieve a result oriented advertising campaign in Facebook, you should understand two critical factors and that is whom your advertisement should target and the creative part of developing an advertisement.

Facebook advertising campaign should be implemented in such a way that it covers the different stages of the sales funnel, and it should be an ongoing process to target different types of audiences.

Facebook Advertisement to accumulate likes

In order to see who all have visited your site, you can insert a Page like Ad tab called Custom Audience Pixel in your website and this can be installed on all the pages in the site. The advantage of this tab is that you can view the visitors the next day and keep the list for 180 days.

This type of advertisements helps to target people of all demography irrespective of age, gender, and location. Page like Ad also helps you to target people who had signed up for your email list. You can transfer the email list using custom audience to the Facebook, and if it matches with the Facebook users then, the audience group for your ad is created.

Facebook Advertisement can turn your fans into email subscribers

Customers have a tendency not to spend too much time trying to figure out a business so your Facebook ad should be attractive enough to attract your customer. Call to action is a great way to prompt the users to join your email list.

Free giveaways related to your products and service and running a promotion or contest is another way of attracting customers and getting them to register with your site.

Facebook Advertisement to sell your products
Your Facebook fans are the right people who will help you to sell your products if you offer them incentives, coupons, and discounts and encourage them to like your product page and share it among their networks.

Facebook advertisements can be efficiently executed in different stages of your marketing campaign targeting audiences of various categories. These ads will help to sell your products, promote your posts and get you the right audience and turn them into email subscribers.

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