Online Reputation Management Pricing Cost India

Online Reputation Management Pricing Cost India

Wikipedia defines Online Reputation Management (ORM) as the “practice of consistent research and analysis of your personal or professional, business or industry reputation”

In is thus clear that ORM can be a tedious and time-consuming job. Many businesses can ill-afford to spend time on ORM neglecting their core business activities.

If someone has mentioned your name or your company name, and the comment is a somewhat unsavory one, your reputation could be at stake. Given the internet environment, online reputation management is utmost crucial, especially from a public relations standpoint. If someone says something that’s negative about you or your company, then you need to respond promptly.

The question most business owners keep asking is – how much does ORM services cost? The cost of online reputation management really depends on how much time is required to manage your online reputation and the nature of your business.

Just like a lot of other services, a lawyer may charge a certain fee as a one-time fee to handle your case. Another lawyer may charge another fee as a retainer: a fee that you must pay every month. Some lawyer fees are higher than others. There is thus nothing hard and fast about the cost of ORM services.

When it comes to the cost of online reputation management, you must look at your individual case. The ORM service providers will take into account what is going to be required (how much time is involved) in order to do the very best job of managing your online reputation.

Initially, the ORM agency will search for your company name and if there are some search results that are not favorable showing up in the top 10 rankings in Google, then the agency will construe that as a parameter for fixing the fees.

You can ask the ORM agency to remove/suppress all misinformation wherever they appear. This will consume several hours’ of work spread over a period of a few months, to remove the various pieces of misinformation. If the ORM work is heavy, it will cost you a few thousand dollars as one-time fees to handle your online reputation management.

But, online reputation management is not just about the one-time removal of certain web pages from the search engines. In fact, proper online reputation management could include other services such as consistent monitoring a company reputation online.

There are some fabulous tools out there that can help you manage your online reputation. You may need to do it yourself if you are on a budget and you have the time to deal with each online reputation issue.

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