Push negative search results down: steps to bury them

Push negative search results down: steps to bury them

Humans do not like to hear anything bad or negative being said about them. If you are, a business concern or an individual can become a victim of negative criticism in the digital world.

If the adverse criticisms creep into the first page of search result pages, it can have a devastating effect on your online reputation. To push negative search results down you need the services of a professional online reputation management company who takes steps to bury them using the latest tools and strategies.

The biggest irony is that in the digital world if something goes in it becomes tough to remove it and the only solution is to bury it in the last pages of search results. It is seen that searchers when they find something, does not go beyond the first page of search results. Some of the steps these online reputation management companies implement are as follows.

  • Create different social media profiles of your business in platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and MySpace and so on because contents in social media platforms rank high in search engines.
  • Use these sites to engage and interact efficiently and proactively with your target audience by regularly posting relevant contents so that you can gain trust and elevate your brand reputation. To get maximum results, you should link these social media sites among themselves.
  • Create a blog and post fresh and lively contents related to your business on a consistent basis, which can create more traffic to your website by back linking.
  • Never give authority to negative comments just reply to them in a professional manner and move on.
  • If you are the CEO of your online company then using your personal name to post articles in social media, news articles and forums personalize your relationship with your customers.
  • Create a feedback loop so that your client complaints can be controlled from within the organization. Your strategy should be consistent because it takes time for the results to appear.

Posting positive contents on a regular basis will improve your rankings in search engines and bury all harmful contents to back pages. Today it is the era of customers, and they look for incredible value and service.

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