Online reputation repair India

Online reputation repair India

There are professional agencies that can repair your online reputation whenever such an occasion arises. They can repair your online reputation through blogging, social media, link building, and 3rd party content publication. These proactive reputation services have been tested and proven to work in the suppression of negative search results.

The agency will undertake to write a few articles of original content every month. All articles will be written by professional writers who are aware of ORM.

They will link to existing positive/neutral content as well as previously created relevant articles and will publish few articles a month on High-Value websites.

The ORM agencies will buy, host, and create 1-3 new exact match domains. They will build links to new articles and exact match domains.
You will appreciate that all published articles will remain published for as long as the sites are up, and the exact match domains become your property.

It is, of course, difficult to remove negative search results. But the agency can take steps to ask the site owner to remove the negative post or comment but there is no guarantee.

When misinformation and false rumors circulate about your business, it can dominate your company’s search engine results and potentially damage your business.

You must grab as much of positive results as possible. That means reserving the .com, .net and .org versions of URLs and claiming identities on major social sites and local review sites.

Businesses should use such channels to distribute positive, search-engine-optimized information about their companies. This can push down negative information in search results. In some cases, professional ORM agencies also create several new websites optimized with various descriptions of the company. They create links back to the main site to suppress negative results.

There are companies that have been battling a persistent falsehood set up by some unethical people. The nature of your background may even make it believable though it never happened.

Anger and hostile reactions do not help – they only further aggravate.
Angry reactions will only needlessly spread the rumor to those who didn’t know about it. You must ideally disprove the rumor without reinforcing hostility.

Several ORM agencies have sprung up to help with such issues, charging nominal fees. That’s the route businesses take when a disgruntled customer or past employee decried them online.

These agencies optimized the search engine terms for their client’s website and generated positive content through blog posts and other social media. Within a month, business drastically improved.

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