Content Marketing: 5 Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook

Content Marketing: 5 Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook

The simple question many ask is – how to engage your fans on Facebook through content marketing.  This certainly is no intimidating task once you know the basic techniques regarding Facebook engagement. Here are 5 simple ways to achieve engagement of your fans on Facebook.

  1. You must to a bit of patient research to ascertain what your fans want to hear? Once you gather this pertinent information, you will have to make your page relevant, interactive and informative. One of the easiest ways to engage Facebook fans is to ask thought-provoking questions. Raising questions is also a fabulous way to know your customers’ mental attitudes. When asking questions, learn to listen and respond promptly and meaningfully.
  2. The plain truth is people are essentially emotional and love to hear stories. Think of some moving narration that you can share with your fans. People are fond of telling stories about themselves, their lives and their families, and also the life-experiences of their friends. Subtly ask for stories that pertain to your brand and what experiences people had using your products. A fun story about your brand will also make your Facebook site entertaining and help retaining your fans on your page.
  3. Find out unobtrusively what you customers expect to see from your business and what product improvements they can suggest. Of course, this can be a bit of risky approach as you will receive a lot of both positive as well as negative reviews/comments. But make it a point to thank people you have offered positive reviews and voiced constructive criticism. Do not lose your cool when confronted with negative or unflattering comments. Politely explain your standpoint and promise the customer you will take suitable remedial measures.
  4. Remember that your fans encounter a lot of content passing through their news feed every day and it should be your endeavor to lure them to your content and trigger a lively discussion. When you update your Facebook page, try to include a statement or question that refers to a specific point raised in your article. This will assuredly drive more clicks, likes, comments / shares.
  5. Do not make every piece of content drab and repetitive. The content you deliver on Facebook should be strikingly and refreshingly different every time. Your fans will love to go through your content if they look different and one more interesting than the other. Never forget to introduce photos, videos and links and initiate engrossing discussions. Finally, one of the most helpful pieces of information you can learn from your Facebook Insights is when your fans are online.  Pages your post when your fans are not online will attract low engagement.

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